Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Heart (Love) Bento

Heart (Love) Bento
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Today's bento features some heart shaped Onigiri. The two white hearts are filled with vegetarian "chick'n", and the two brown and white hearts are rice mixed with fake "burger" and ketchup. Also included are some fake breaded "chik'n" strips left over from dinner the night before, and a sweet omelet. I make Tamagoyaki (omelet) with almost every bento I create. They are fast, easy, and taste super yummy. I have developed a less traditional recipe which I particularly enjoy. I mix a tsp of corn starch, a tbs of milk, and a tsp of honey with a beaten egg. I have a tamagoyaki rectangle pan which makes the process fairly easy. Whenever I see omelets in Japanese cookbooks or at fancy restaurants, it is always very evenly cooked and yellow, yet I have never seen sufficient instructions to help me create this. I generally have some brown spots from cooking it too long in spots. This is, in my opinion, my best attempt yet. Does anyone out there have any tips for a perfect Tamagoyaki?

Overall, this bento was fairly successful. I made the ingredients the night before, but didn't form the Onigiri hearts until the morning which meant waking up early to put the bento together (definitely a feat for a night person). They taste much better when made fresh. :-)

Happy Thanksgiving