Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Doctor Who TARDIS Bento

I love Doctor Who. I only started watching it a few months ago and managed to plow through four seasons and several specials. I am only three episodes/specials away from the new season which is currently airing (on BBC America for me). I can't wait for my next Netflix delivery.

Since Doctor Who is a BBC show, I decided to do a British themed bento to go with my TARDIS.

A lot of my entertainment comes from England. I love Monty Python, Harry Potter, Ricky Gervais, Neil Gaiman... the list goes on and on. I don't know a lot about British food. "The Kipper and the Corpse" episode of Fawlty Towers comes to mind, and I wonder why that guy wanted to eat fish for breakfast. The one thing that is mentioned in nearly every British show/book I like is curry. Since I am assuming that they mean Indian curry, I decided to do a vegetarian curry and rice for my Doctor Who bento lunch.

I used a leak-resistant container for this lunch, because the curry is a bit gooey, and a microwave safe container, because I plan to heat this one up at work. Also, I chose a blue container because I couldn't easily make the TARDIS blue, as it should be.  

The TARDIS is made from nori on rice-cheese. To top it all off, for dessert a Mars Bar! Get it? Because he travels through space... and Mars Bars are from England. I would have loved to include a Cadbury Flake, the best candy bar ever, but they are hard to find around here. Plus that wouldn't have fit the theme.

So, I'm off to watch Torchwood while I wait for my next episodes of Doctor Who to arrive.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Baby Chick Bento

Phew! It has certainly been a while since I blogged. I have been busy with school and other creative projects (have you ever made handmade journals? I'm obsessed).

Today's lunch is a simple half BLT sandwich (with vegetarian bacon), some red potato salad, and some fresh veggies. The chick is yellow American Cheese (I totally hate yellow cheese, but I bought it by accident) with carrot accents and a nori eye.

So... remember my Wallace and Gromit bento? Well I entered it in the "Cracking Creations" contest and won the April "Top Bun" award!! I love Wallace and Gromit, have you seen A Matter of Loaf and Death yet? So good!

So, now that school is out for the summer, I plan to make many more fun bento lunches (not that I planned to stop...)