Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine Bento

Today is Valentine's Day. Usually not a holiday I make a big deal out of, but I couldn't resist a Valentine themed bento. The reason being that it is just too easy! I have heart shaped cookie cutters, egg molds, onigiri molds... the list goes on and on! Actually, that is the list.

So, for snack I sliced up some heart shaped strawberries and included a chocolate covered strawberry per the tradition, although my Valentine doesn't really like chocolate. I packed them in a Clickety Click snack box with a home-made flag pick.

The bottom (larger) tier of my 2-tier "men's" bento box includes a heart shaped tofurkey and cheese sandwich, some Trader Joe's Peanut Butter filled pretzels, some lettuce and grape tomatoes, and a Valentine themed chocolate from Hallmark.

The top (smaller) tier contains some leftover pasta with Trader Joe's Meatless Meatballs and stuffed mushrooms. The stuffed mushrooms are actually what makes this lunch particularly special because we don't often eat them due to the fact that I hate mushrooms (I know, a vegetarian sin right?). Somehow I managed to secretly prepare them in the next room. I quickly hid the ingredients every time he came into the room. I never thought I would pull it off, but I managed!

I felt a little guilty putting so much pink in his lunch. I liked the divider because it says "my best friend" at the bottom (under the food), and I needed to make the sauce bottle (full of salt) match.

Here is the assembled lunch. I know what you are thinking, "where are the heart shaped eggs? Where are the heart shaped onigiri?" Well, I decided to focus on the food rather than the theme, making things that my Valentine will really like to eat, so no eggs or onigiri.

I haven't posted much lately mostly due to my lack of bento inspiration. If you check out my flickr page, there are several lunches that I photographed, but didn't really deserve a blog post due to their lack of interestingness. I would also like to credit Adventures in Bentomaking for her great idea of using scrap booking paper as backgrounds. Despite my abysmal lighting, the paper certainly helped the photos.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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