Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Fancy Napkins, Bento Shopping, and a Charaben Photo Pool

These lunches aren't very interesting because they are just salads. The reason I'm posting them is because of the super cute napkins in the background. I got them at Pier 1. I love browsing through their cloth napkins and picking up a random selection. Of course, besides being 'super cute,' using cloth napkins reduces waste, and can be used as a Furoshiki.

I have been doing a bit of traveling this summer (if you can call day trips and visiting my grandma 'traveling') and I came across a few stores on the East Coast that sell bento boxes.

First, I found this selection of Shinzi Katoh boxes at Yo Mamma's Home in Belfast Maine:

Next, I found these two snack-sized boxes randomly mixed in with novelty items at the Grasshopper Shop in Searsport Maine:

And lastly, I found this GIANT selection at Kinokuniya Bookstore in NYC (across from Bryant Park):
I couldn't resist at Kinokuniya. I ended up getting the three-pack froggy boxes in the lower right corner. All of these stores charge around $16 per box, which is pretty pricey, but Kinokuniya had some upwards of $40! It was really fun to find bento boxes in stores, since I usually have to order them online. It was especially exciting to see them in Maine, which I would have never expected.

For all you Flickr users out there, I started a Flickr Charaben/Kyaraben group photo pool. I thought that it would be nice to have a place to look at and discuss everything charaben. So, even if you don't make charaben, come check out the group! (I only just started the group, so there isn't much on it yet, but keep checking back).

I hope to see you all there!



Wendy said...

Oh! Love those cute bento boxes. I am lucky to have the cheapy kind around where I live, but I hardly ever see the super cute ones.

(( SKY )) said...

I should check out those places.

Anonymous said...

I've lived in Belfast.. and I never even went to YoMamma's!! What a shame, I wonder if they'd still have some boxes, I need to go!!