Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Unicorn Bento

Unicorn Bento
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I had a very hard time photographing this bento. Too much light washed out the details on the unicorn. She was supposed to be the "Last Unicorn" character, but that isn't obvious. Also included is Trader Joe's vegetable bird nests (which I overcooked a bit), some brown rice with ginger and wasabi, and some tamagoyaki, and an airplane cookie.

The unicorn is daikon radish which I cut out with a small knife. I used a picture that I downloaded of the Last Unicorn as a guide. Her eye is nori. I had a hard time keeping the pieces together; I used Mayo to hold them in place, but they were a mess by the time I ate lunch.

I visited A Dong grocery in West Haven CT recently. For Connecticut Bento-ists, this place is a must. It doesn't sell bento boxes, but it has rice molds, lacquer ware, rice cookers, utensils, etc. There is also a great selection of food. I bought a tamagoyaki pan and a bunch of fun cookies and candies, including the airplane cookies featured here.

Does anyone know of good Connecticut stores that may sell bento boxes, or other rare food items?


Lemon said...

So cute! I absolutely love your bentos. I saw this one on LJ and I absolutely had to see the details. Super-impressive work on the unicorn.
I don't know where to find bento boxes though...I live in New York, and the only thing remotely close to bento boxes I've seen are cute little (1 layer) animal tupperware cylinders at dollar stores. None of the asian markets near me have anything either. :|

Bento Pet said...

Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!!

Jessica said...

Hi Lemon. If you live anywhere near Queens, I found a few bento boxes and supplies at the dollar store in the Flushing Mall.

Leslee said...

She definitely looks like the Last Unicorn. Hm...i feel kind of old, knowing that movie reference... said...

Jessica - I am up toward Scarsdale/Hartsdale in Westchester CO -- any suggestions for a bento newbie?? Thanks in advance!

Jessica said...

eilismaura, the only places I have gotten bento gear in the area are in Flushing NY. If you ever drive someone to JFK, it is pretty convenient.

In the Flushing Mall:
Banzai of Flushing (718) 445-0940 13331 39th Ave, Flushing, NY,

and down the street:
Banzai of Roosevelt Ave.
136-90 Roosevelt Ave.
Flushing,, NY 11354

If you ever head up to the Boston area, I have also bought bento boxes here:
Kam Man Marketplace
219 Quincy Ave
Quincy, MA 02169
(617) 328-1533

I hope that helps. Oh, and check out for cheap online shopping.