Sunday, January 10, 2010

Have you tried Goya Discos?

Goya brand Discos are little (10 inch) round frozen dough. They are designed for making empanadas, which are like turnovers full of all sorts of yummy fillings. Discos are fantasticly easy and yummy. You simply defrost, fill, and cook.

This first picture is a veggie turnover. I made a mixture of potato, broccoli, and cauliflower for a veggie pie and used some leftovers to fill my little turnovers. I cut little shapes out of one disco with mini cookie cutters (link to similar ones on Amazon) and stuck them on top by simply wetting the back and placing them where I wished. The vegetable garnishes are somewhat random. I was practicing my garnishing techniques with the book pictured, Japanese Garnishes by  Yukiko and Bob Haydock. This book is cute and has some really interesting garnish ideas. I think it is out of print, but you can get used copies on Amazon.

Next, I have a Taco Salad bento. I pressed a disco into a standard sized cupcake pan and baked until crispy brown. Once cooled I filled it with some leftover vegetarian ground beef (from taco night), scallions, cilantro, and a pinch of shredded cheddar cheese.The rest of the bento is filled with salad vegetables and two small containers of soy sour cream and taco sauce (I got the containers from some takeout and they were the perfect size for bentos, so I had to keep them). I made this at night, and by lunch the next day the disco shell was still crunchy and delicious. 

Here is a shot of two turnovers straight out of the oven so you can see some detail.

This last lunch doesn't feature Discos at all... It is a pasta salad with a few vegetarian meatballs and a kiwi for dessert. The kiwi is cut zig zag using Biggie's technique. I included a small spoon for eating the Kiwi. Have you ever had one of those mini ice cream sundaes from the grocery store? They cost about $1, are barely a mouthful, and come with a small plastic spoon in the lid. Since I eat them at home with real spoons, I keep the plastic ones for bento purposes such as this.

Goya Discos may not be available everywhere. In my grocery store there is a goya section in the frozen food aisle. Another great place to find Goya products are small specialty grocery stores because they usually have a greater selection. Goya sodas are also especially good, so you may want to grab one of those while you are at it.


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