Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Grateful Dead Dancing Bear Bento

This is my entry for the "Rock My Bento" contest over at the Kawaii Bento club on Squidoo. I decided to do a Grateful Dead themed bento because they have such great images associated with the band. I had lofty ambitions, and am a bit disappointed with the final product. Not that I don't like my cute little dancing bear, or the mix of multi-colored tomatoes (because I think of bright colors and tie-dye when I think of the Grateful Dead), it's just that I cut out an intricate "Steal Your Face" skull that I didn't end up using because it was just way too big.

Steal Your Face! 
Steal Your Face

I imagined tie-dye and roses and skulls and bears all rolled into one fantastic bento lunch. Oh well, I guess next time I should think before I start cutting out my nori.

If you want to enter the Kawaii Bento Club's Rock My Bento Contest, head over to the contest page for all the details:


     The Very Best of the Grateful Dead     American Beauty 
A Couple of Good Grateful Dead Albums

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Bento Box / Asfora said...

cool dancing bear! Good luck in the contest! :o)