Monday, June 14, 2010

Oscar the Grouch Bento Lunch

Today's lunch is Oscar the Grouch surrounded by fresh veggies and two Morningstar Farms "Buffalo Wings." You may have noticed that I rarely use rice in my bentos. I'm not a big fan of rice, and when I do make it, I end up throwing half away because I can't make a small enough portion in my rice cooker. Today is an exception because I was making sushi for dinner.

Oscar is made of sushi rice dyed with green food coloring. His mouth is nori and tomato, his eyes are nori and cheese, and his eyebrows are baked potato skin.

Oscar didn't really come out as well as I had hoped and planned. I don't have a lot of practice molding rice.

Check out my "Sesame Street Themed Bento Boxes" page on squidoo which features this Oscar lunch.

1 comment:

Mommyof2girlz said...

I think he looks awesome, defiantly can tell who he is :)