Tuesday, September 2, 2008


I am looking for a bit of feedback on the content of this blog and this site. It has been evolving since its inception a little while back. My lunches have gotten better (in my opinion of course) and I feel that I have a bit more to offer the bento community now. My question is, what are my readers (all six of you) looking for? More Charaben tutorials? More recipes? Maybe you only like to look at pictures, and want me to stop blabbering on about what is in the box!

I feel that sites like Lunch in a Box and Just Bento have covered a great deal of information and are fantastic resources. I don't want to step on their toes, I want to provide additional information. So any suggestions would be great! I would also like to hear any suggestions about site layout. Is it too crowded? Not enough supplemental information on the sidebars?

Thanks in advance!


Chu said...

Hey!! ^-^
I love your bento's, they are all very colorful and cute! ^.^
Your lunches are so lovely :)
Your good at chareben, too!! (see the pikatchu! ^^)
If you would like to share some more "How to tutorials" it would be great :) *hehe*
So we can try to make great lunches like yours, too ^.^

Have fun with your bentos :)

See ya, Chu

Candice said...


Recipes + pictures = greatness!
I like being able to see what goes into the bentos to get better ideas for myself. Pictures help, so I can prove to the husband the recipes look tasty ;)
How to tutorials are great too!!